What Experts Are Saying About Knee Pain

What Experts Are Saying About Knee Pain

Are you suffering from knee pain when you sit, walk or climb stairs? Do you notice a feeling of something loose in your knee, a sharp pain when you bend, or a knee joint that just doesn’t move like it’s supposed to? NTTC Surgery Center is one of the best resources for people experiencing knee pain.

To get a proper diagnosis, your physician may need to do a procedure called “Knee Arthroscopy.” During a knee arthroscopy your physician can diagnose and often repair injuries like torn ligaments, torn cartilage, fractured bone and bothersome cysts that may be the source of your discomfort and pain.

In this minimally-invasive surgery, your board-certified surgeon will make a very small incision, insert a tiny camera (arthroscope) and identify the problem. Tools attached to the arthroscope can then make surgical corrections, if needed. Recovery time is short for this procedure and can result in a better-functioning knee joint with less pain.  Want to know more about this procedure, link to our education video here.

Need a knee arthroscopy but not sure how to pay for it? NTTC can help. We accept Medicare and most commercial insurance plans. No insurance? No problem! NTTC offers affordable cash prices and financing options. Need help finding a physician, NTTC can help with that too.

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