Wrist Pain Have You Searching for Relief

Wrist Pain Have You Searching for Relief?

When your wrist hurts, it’s hard to get anything done. Tingling and numbness in your hand can cause you to drop things and lose your grip on objects. Wrist pain can even wake you up at night. NTTC Surgery Center knows what to do to help.

When the median nerve in the wrist becomes pinched from a compressed area, carpal tunnel pain can be the result. A simple surgical procedure can release the pressure around the nerve and reduce your pain.

A board-certified NTTC surgeon will make an incision in the palm of your hand which takes the pressure off the nerve and gives it more room. The incision will heal in a few weeks, but the ligament will take a few months to heal. When it is healed, the median nerve will have more room and not be pinched.  Want to know more about carpal tunnel surgery, link to our education video here.

Need carpal tunnel surgery but not sure how to pay for it? NTTC can help. We accept Medicare and most commercial insurance plans. No insurance? No problem! NTTC offers affordable cash prices and financing options. Need help finding a surgeon, NTTC can help with that too!

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