Love Is The Best Medicine

Valentine’s Day card, kisses and chocolates are sweet, but is there more to it than just a feeling? Interestingly, there is a link between love and your health & wellness. There actually is real science backing up those feelings of love and romance. Spending time together with the person you love can benefit your health […]

Healthy Colon

Recognize this picture?  This is what the inside of a healthy colon looks like and knowing that you have a healthy colon could save your life. According to the most recent statistics available from the Center for Disease Control, more than 50,000 people die from colon cancer annually. If the thought of having a colonoscopy […]

New Year No Pain

Stop the Pain! There is Hope! Please don’t let another year go by without dealing with your chronic pain. The New Year is a time of resolutions for many.  Eat healthier, exercise more, spend more time with family…all worthy goals.  However, if you are one of the millions of American’s struggling with chronic pain your […]

Wrist Pain Have You Searching for Relief

When your wrist hurts, it’s hard to get anything done. Tingling and numbness in your hand can cause you to drop things and lose your grip on objects. Wrist pain can even wake you up at night. NTTC Surgery Center knows what to do to help. When the median nerve in the wrist becomes pinched […]

What Experts Are Saying About Knee Pain

Are you suffering from knee pain when you sit, walk or climb stairs? Do you notice a feeling of something loose in your knee, a sharp pain when you bend, or a knee joint that just doesn’t move like it’s supposed to? NTTC Surgery Center is one of the best resources for people experiencing knee […]

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