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Patient Testimonials


Dear Dr. Kikkeri,

It is so rare and so caring that you called during your vacation to check on me! Most doctors these days wouldn’t have done so! Thank you so much!

– Beverly C.

We had doctors who didn’t believe or care and we couldn’t find help for his nerve or head pain anywhere. Dr. K thought outside of the box and came up with the idea of treating me with a spinal cord stimulator. It worked beautifully. Dr. Kikkeri is always open to a new way to treat your pain.
– Jimmy J.

I have been a patient with Dr. Kikkeri for about 20 years. I have chronic pain in several areas. I run a ranch and also a horse and cattle operation and it requires me to be very active. I am able to run my business because of what they have done for me here.  Everybody at the facility is friendly and very engaged in your care. All of the staff works together to make the success happen. Whether I’m doing injections or coming in for an office visit, everything is always a first class operation.

-Daniel S.

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