Controlling Surgery Out of Pocket Costs

Controlling Surgery Out of Pocket Costs

A quick review of daily headlines confirms what most Texans already know. Healthcare premiums have risen and individual and family deductibles have skyrocketed. Despite the daunting trends, there are tips that can help the average Texan reduce his or her costs.

First, be familiar with the terms of your health insurance coverage. No one looks forward to an evening of reading their health insurance plan, but if you are considering having surgery, it will pay big rewards to make sure you understand the type of coverage you have.

A second way for Texans to control out of pocket costs is to seek services from an ambulatory surgery facility where costs can often be half that of hospitals or hospital based facilities. Many plans calculate the out of pocket cost due from you as a percentage of the overall surgery charges. Therefore, it pays to find a facility that will help you by providing an estimate of your cost.

Lastly, if your plan has a high deductible ($4,000 or more), it may pay for you to research facilities that provide cash pay options. In fact, paying cash instead of filing with your insurance coverage could save you hundreds of dollars.

Need help understanding your coverage? Need an affordable cash pay option? Looking for information on the procedure you need? North Texas Team Care Surgery Center can help. Our friendly, bilingual staff is available to help you navigate these complicated questions. For more information, get in touch.