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What is an Epidural Steroid Injection ?

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March is Colon Cancer Awareness Month

Love Is The Best Medicine

Love is the Best Medicine!

Valentine’s Day card, kisses and chocolates are sweet, but is there more to it than just a feeling? Interestingly, there is a link between love and your health & wellness. There actually is real science backing up those feelings of love and romance. Spending time together with the person you love can benefit your health in several substantial ways.

Here are a few different ways that being in love can improve your health:

  • According to one study, being with your spouse can lower your blood pressure. Even if the relationship is troubled, blood pressure still decreased when the couple is together.
  • Affection can bolster your immune system and keep you away from colds and flu. In one study, couples who fought in a hostile way showed a significant drop in the strength of their immune systems.
  • When a couple holds hands, the pain level experienced by one spouse can be reduced. There is a definite correlation between touch and empathy and its positive impact on painful physical conditions.
  • Oxytocin is nicknamed “the love hormone” because it increases bonding between a couple, increasing feelings of trust, intimacy and a sense of well-being. In addition, it can calm the digestive system.
  • Don’t be quick to beg off because of a headache. Studies show improved migraines and headaches may be a benefit of physical intimacy.
  • For men, physical intimacy can reduce risk of prostate cancer and heart disease.

Don’t have a significant other? Not a problem.

If you’re one of the 62% of Americans who have never been married, there is one simple answer to adding more affection to your life: adopt a dog. There is some evidence that suggests that people who own dogs tend to be healthier and live longer. Dog owners can have a lower risk for heart disease. They also may experience less depression and get more exercise.

Or skip the pet. Try some self-love.

If a dog is out of the question, there’s still something you can do to enjoy better health. Go easy on yourself. When times get tough, give yourself some space to breathe and watch out for negative self-talk. Research is showing that self-criticism is much less powerful in helping you make changes than being kind to yourself. Practicing self-compassion is a form of caring for yourself that can contribute to a healthier diet, more frequent exercise, reducing stress and getting enough sleep. These positive improvements can lead to a healthier life.

Does love conquer all?

Love may not conquer every healthcare concern that you experience, but it can be effective on some levels in helping to reduce pain and improve quality of life. Having affection in your life can help with preventive measures to reduce risks of disease and illness. These are the hidden benefits of Valentine’s Day that may last longer than the chocolates and roses.

However, sometimes love is not enough. Despite your best efforts, you may find yourself challenged with health conditions that require additional consultation and potential surgery. For more information on treating existing conditions, contact the board-certified specialists at North Texas Team Care Surgery (NTTC) at  972-528-6090.

Healthy Colon

Recognize this Picture?

Recognize this picture?  This is what the inside of a healthy colon looks like and knowing that you have a healthy colon could save your life. According to the most recent statistics available from the Center for Disease Control, more than 50,000 people die from colon cancer annually.

If the thought of having a colonoscopy sends you scampering for the safety of your comfort chair, it might be time to think again about what’s best for your health. A colonoscopy, performed by a board certified physician, can catch the beginning stages of colon cancer and can show problems in the intestinal tract. These crucial findings can then be treated promptly and prevent complications down the road.

After the age of 50, most patients should have a colonoscopy every 10 years. Patients with a family history of colon cancer are at a higher risk and need more frequent exams.

Need to schedule your annual colonoscopy, but not sure how to pay for it?  NTTC can help.  We accept Medicare and most commercial insurance plans.  No insurance?  No problem!  NTTC offers affordable cash prices and financing options.  Need help finding a surgeon, NTTC can help with that too.

Don’t delay getting the preventative care that could save your life.

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New Year No Pain

New Year – No Pain

Stop the Pain! There is Hope! Please don’t let another year go by without dealing with your chronic pain.

The New Year is a time of resolutions for many.  Eat healthier, exercise more, spend more time with family…all worthy goals.  However, if you are one of the millions of American’s struggling with chronic pain your goal may be to just survive, but there is hope.  Resolve that 2018 will be a new year with no pain!

Pain effects everything and chronic pain (pain lasting longer than 3-6 months) can be especially devastating.  Pain can prevent participation in social and family activities, physical and sporting activities and affect work performance.  More troubling is that in addition to affecting almost every area of life, untreated pain can lead to emotional stress and/or depression.

There is hope.  Exciting breakthroughs offer new options for patients. Take the next step now and make 2018 the year you stop your pain. Call us today to schedule a phone consultation.

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Wrist Pain Have You Searching for Relief

Wrist Pain Have You Searching for Relief?

When your wrist hurts, it’s hard to get anything done. Tingling and numbness in your hand can cause you to drop things and lose your grip on objects. Wrist pain can even wake you up at night. NTTC Surgery Center knows what to do to help.

When the median nerve in the wrist becomes pinched from a compressed area, carpal tunnel pain can be the result. A simple surgical procedure can release the pressure around the nerve and reduce your pain.

A board-certified NTTC surgeon will make an incision in the palm of your hand which takes the pressure off the nerve and gives it more room. The incision will heal in a few weeks, but the ligament will take a few months to heal. When it is healed, the median nerve will have more room and not be pinched.  Want to know more about carpal tunnel surgery, link to our education video here.

Need carpal tunnel surgery but not sure how to pay for it? NTTC can help. We accept Medicare and most commercial insurance plans. No insurance? No problem! NTTC offers affordable cash prices and financing options. Need help finding a surgeon, NTTC can help with that too!

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What Experts Are Saying About Knee Pain

What Experts Are Saying About Knee Pain

Are you suffering from knee pain when you sit, walk or climb stairs? Do you notice a feeling of something loose in your knee, a sharp pain when you bend, or a knee joint that just doesn’t move like it’s supposed to? NTTC Surgery Center is one of the best resources for people experiencing knee pain.

To get a proper diagnosis, your physician may need to do a procedure called “Knee Arthroscopy.” During a knee arthroscopy your physician can diagnose and often repair injuries like torn ligaments, torn cartilage, fractured bone and bothersome cysts that may be the source of your discomfort and pain.

In this minimally-invasive surgery, your board-certified surgeon will make a very small incision, insert a tiny camera (arthroscope) and identify the problem. Tools attached to the arthroscope can then make surgical corrections, if needed. Recovery time is short for this procedure and can result in a better-functioning knee joint with less pain.  Want to know more about this procedure, link to our education video here.

Need a knee arthroscopy but not sure how to pay for it? NTTC can help. We accept Medicare and most commercial insurance plans. No insurance? No problem! NTTC offers affordable cash prices and financing options. Need help finding a physician, NTTC can help with that too.

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How Much Can You Save

Top Tip for Controlling Healthcare Costs

One of the best tips for controlling healthcare costs is to utilize your deductible wisely.  Most plans require that you pay out of pocket until you meet your annual deductible before the plan will pay for any covered costs and most plans reset the deductible to zero on January 1 of each year.

If this describes your plan, be sure to check how much you have met of your deductible year to date.  If you have met your deductible or are close, consider planning needed tests or procedures before the end of the year to maximize your coverage for these services.

Need surgery and need help finding out whether you have met your deductible?  Call our friendly staff for assistance.  Planning now could save you hundreds of dollars!

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Controlling Surgery Out of Pocket Costs

Controlling Surgery Out of Pocket Costs

A quick review of daily headlines confirms what most Texans already know. Healthcare premiums have risen and individual and family deductibles have skyrocketed. Despite the daunting trends, there are tips that can help the average Texan reduce his or her costs.

First, be familiar with the terms of your health insurance coverage. No one looks forward to an evening of reading their health insurance plan, but if you are considering having surgery, it will pay big rewards to make sure you understand the type of coverage you have.

A second way for Texans to control out of pocket costs is to seek services from an ambulatory surgery facility where costs can often be half that of hospitals or hospital based facilities. Many plans calculate the out of pocket cost due from you as a percentage of the overall surgery charges. Therefore, it pays to find a facility that will help you by providing an estimate of your cost.

Lastly, if your plan has a high deductible ($4,000 or more), it may pay for you to research facilities that provide cash pay options. In fact, paying cash instead of filing with your insurance coverage could save you hundreds of dollars.

Need help understanding your coverage? Need an affordable cash pay option? Looking for information on the procedure you need? North Texas Team Care Surgery Center can help. Our friendly, bilingual staff is available to help you navigate these complicated questions. For more information, get in touch.

Lance Gooden Visits NTTC

Texas State Rep. Gooden Visits NTTC

Rising healthcare costs have everyone’s attention and our state representatives are no exception. Representative Lance Gooden, District 4, recently visited North Texas Team Care Surgery Center in Mesquite, TX to learn firsthand what ambulatory surgery centers can do to help curb the rising costs that are plaguing Texans.

Representative Gooden spent time with surgeons, anesthesia professionals as well as nursing staff to learn how the team works together to provide high quality, affordable care.