Dr. Nagaraj Kikkeri’s bundled, shoppable surgeries are gaining traction in DFW.

Dr. Nagaraj Kikkeri of North Texas Team Care Surgery Center is a strong advocate for transparent and bundled pricing for outpatient surgeries, as featured in D Magazine. In Texas, where the rate of uninsured people is the highest in the nation, cash pay is often the only option for surgery. However, finding out the cost of surgery can be a difficult and frustrating task, leading to surprise medical bills.

To address this issue, Dr. Kikkeri founded North Texas Team Care Surgery Center, which provides transparent and affordable pricing while maintaining or exceeding the quality of care. The center’s website offers dozens of surgeries in 11 specialties and makes it easy for patients to learn the price of an operation upfront. NTTC’s prices are not only easier to find than other large health systems and hospitals but can also be significantly cheaper.

By providing bundled pricing, Dr. Kikkeri’s center eliminates surprise bills and helps patients avoid financial hardship. Patients are charged a single fee that covers all aspects of the procedure, including facility fees, anesthesia, and surgeon fees. This approach provides patients with greater control over their healthcare costs and allows them to make informed decisions about their medical care.

NTTC is leading the way in providing transparent and bundled pricing for outpatient surgeries in Texas, and their approach is gaining popularity among patients and healthcare providers alike. With the rising cost of healthcare and the high rate of uninsured individuals, Dr. Kikkeri’s model of care is a welcome solution that prioritizes patient satisfaction, affordability, and quality.


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