Hinkapin Health


Hinkapin Health and NTTC Surgery Center are world-class healthcare providers working together to offer patients high-quality and transparent low-cost healthcare.

The NTTC Surgery Center has teamed up with Hinkapin Health to provide care coordination for our transparent flat rate or cash price surgical procedures for the general public and private businesses.

Hinkapin Health coordinates patient care with high-quality surgical care providers who have transparent pricing and no hidden fees.

NTTC Surgery Center will continue to accept patients from our existing referral sources; however, for patients interested in our flat rate / cash price surgery programs, Hinkapin Health will liaison and coordinate the cases with NTTC Surgery Center.

Hinkapin Health care coordinators will handle consultations, appointments, scheduling, and obtaining a status update on a patient’s surgery from doctors, as well as billing, following surgery at NTTC Surgery Center facilities.

This collaboration will create synergy between two healthcare organizations that approach healthcare with compassion and the goal of providing patients with the best care possible for their specific needs at transparent and affordable prices.

The same surgeons, high-quality care, affordable prices, and exceptional customer service continues; the only difference is that all cash-priced surgery invoices will be invoiced by and paid to Hinkapin Health rather than to NTTC Surgery Center.