North Texas Team Care
Surgery Center

3865 Childress Ave.
Mesquite, Texas 75150

Teléfono: (972) 528-6090 | Fax: 972-528-6093

Teléfono Principal: 972-528-6090
Teléfono de Cirugía: (972) 528-6090
Fax: 972-528-6093

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DISCLAIMER: North Texas Team Care Surgery Center provides phone access to talk with Dr. Kikkeri for informational and educational purposes only. Telephone conversations will be limited to general medical information and are not for providing medical advice or opinions regarding a patient’s individual medical condition or treatment and are not a substitute for professional medical care and treatment with a qualified provider. By submitting your contact information and scheduling a call with Dr. Kikkeri, you acknowledge and agree that information shared in the resulting phone conversation should not be relied upon for making medical decisions.

If you have a medical emergency, call your personal physician or 911 immediately.